The HandTutor improves
fne motor, sensory and
cognitive impairments
through intensive active
exercises using customized
games with movement
biofeedback allowing
to target isolated or a
combination of fnger/s
and wrist during treatment.
The system is used by many
leading physical therapy
centers worldwide and has
full FDA and CE certifcation.

The 3DTutor cutting edge
technology allows for
treatment and follow up
of the head, trunk, upper
(shoulder, arm, elbow and
hand) and lower extremity
(leg, hip, knee and ankle).
The system provides detailed
exercise instructions and
precise feedback on the
patient’s performance and
improvement allowing
controlled customized
motivational rehabilitation
using movement

The LegTutor consists of
an ergonomic wearable
leg brace. Its innovative
technology allows lower
extremity practice of the hip
and knee employing both
isolated joints and functional
tasks. The system permits
a range of biomechanical
evaluation including speed,
passive and active range of
motion and motion analysis
of the lower extremity
allowing for objective
evaluation and treatment
follow up.


The ArmTutor allows for
isolated elbow and elbow
and shoulder functional
practice. The system
provides detailed exercise
instructions and precise
feedback on the patients
exercise performance and
improvement. Controlled
practice of multi joints within
the normal movement
pattern prevents the
development of undesired
and compensatory joint
movement and ensures
better performance of
functional tasks.

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